Speed of Light: Purpose of work


From the time of conception to our death we are on the move and even sometimes when we are standing still our minds are on the move. The earth and our entire solar system moves and revolves around the sun; the entire universe is constantly moving and expanding. Even the smallest pieces of matter and atom’s on the move.  Sometime we need to stop and observe others, ourselves, the planets and universe; and even our minds and thoughts.  Because within all the franticness, chaos, and movement that goes on within us and around us we can find stillness, calmness, and yes, even peace.  Which is what I explored and discovered in this current body of work.  Here before you are my images.  Strong images of me moving and traveling with my mind and thoughts, body and camera, capturing dancing rich, vibrant colors, shapes, places, people and things.  I attempted to speed up time and then stop it at a moment where all these things became one, in order to find that instant of stillness and calmness amidst movement.  It is my hope that in your movement and travels in life you will observe and find the calmness and stillness and in it all discover peace.