Purpose of work, CTA Dusk to Dawn:

  As a student at Columbia College Chicago, I traveled at many different times of the day to and from school on the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). I began noticing the dance of rich, saturated, colors in contrast on the hard cold structure of the CTA during the mid day and evening. Thus began the inspiration to producing a small body of work capturing these images drumming around in my head. Once I completed my studies I looked back and felt the work was not complete.  Therefore, I decided to take a closer look at this mixture of light from mother nature and man to create a complete body of work entitled CTA Dusk to Dawn. With hindsight, my appreciation grew. I began rethinking. I began to learn, my initial work was more than just the beautiful contrast of colors I noticed while traveling back and forth to school.  Now, for me, it is more of the relationship in lighting developed between Mother Nature and man. And now after photographing again for many sunrises and sunsets, I gained a deep appreciation for this creative harmonic mixture between the two. 

My lesson:
The visual beauty this mixture provides by just taking a second look.